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Fall Ball Frequently Asked Questions

Fall Ball Q&A

Fall Ball Q&A:

Q:What teams will we be playing?
A:The actual teams from the other leagues vary from year to year, but teams from other Little Leagues such as Camden-Wyoming, Felton, and Marydel-Hartley have participated in the past.

Q: What time of day will the games start ?
A: The start times begin at 6:00pm-6:15pm

Q: What team will my son/daughter be playing on?
A: This will be determined after registration is completed.  Friend and coach requests will be honored as much as possible. 

Q: What will the players be wearing for uniforms?
A: We provide shirts and hats/visors for all new players. Returning players will wear the shirts and hats that they wore during Spring Season.

Q: When will practices be held?
A: Practices will be held at the discretion of the coach. Some teams do not practice after the start of games.

Q: Is coaching help needed?
A: Yes!  Please send email to the contact below if interested in helping in this regard.

  • League President:
  • League VP:

Q: What activities other than coaching can parents do to help?
A: The usual activities – Field Prep, scoreboard operation, dugout cleanup, etc. – is all needed to run a successful program!

Q: Will we be required to provide volunteer umpires for games?
A: We are ALWAYS in need of volunteers, but we will try to provide umpires.

Q: There are players I don’t recognize from spring season.  Are there other players involved?
A: Yes! We may have several players joining us from other leagues.  Players from other leagues are welcome to participate in Fall Ball, and in some cases may be able to form an entire team to keep their friends and families together.

Q: My son/daughter is playing different positions than what has been played before, and every inning looks different.  What is happening?
A: Fall Ball in instructional in nature, and we hope to see players playing varying positions to give them a chance to try different positions and give them variety and opportunity.

Positioning Guidelines

  • Coaches should plan on having players play in multiple positions in each game.
  • All players should play approximately the same number of innings.